Stop The Insanity!

I saw on the front page of one of our national newspapers that recent health studies have indicated that apples, vitamins, exercise and juice may be bad for your health: THIS IS CRAZY!!


Some of these studies were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, and concluded that taking Vitamin E supplements increase the risk of Prostrate cancer in healthy men, and in another study, older women that used multi-vitamins had an increased risk of dying over a 19 year follow up. Calcium supplements may increase the risk of heart attacks, apples are bad for your teeth and fruit juice is worse for you than pop.

A “ scientific study “ , uses 2 groups of people and attempts to keep everything the same between these 2 groups except for the one thing they wish to measure, and then attribute any differences between the 2 groups to this 1 thing. Sounds good, but health is way too complicated to be studied like that, as evidenced by some really bizarre resulting studies. Word to the wise, be very leery of accepting health studies as accurate, which is why the author of the news paper story indicated, “ health studies may be the real danger to your health. “

Chiropractic employs not only a whole body approach to health care, but a whole lifestyle approach. There is a need to have balance in your life as well as in your spine. We often talk about a triad of health, they being Mental, Spiritual and Physical. Your Chiropractor will have information that can assist you in all 3 of these areas of your life.

Chiropractic is health care for the sick and for the healthy.

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