Your Immune System & Sugar

Several studies have been done to examine the effect of sugar on the white blood cells of the immune system. These blood cells are the ones that eat up foreign invaders and debris.

Normally the more bacteria eaten by each white blood cell, the stronger the immune system becomes and the chance of the body to become diseased becomes less. The studies examined what happened to the white blood cell index when the subject ingested different sugars, such as, glucose, fructose, honey, orange juice or starch. The starch was the only substance that caused a rise in white blood cell activity, while the simple sugars inhibited the important activity of the immune system greatly. Clearly the sugar had a direct harmful effect on the amount of bacteria removed by the phagocytes (bacteria removing white blood cells). These studies addressed themselves to the problems of sugar in the diet. Not only does sugar put undue stress on the pancreas, it also has other ramifications for the other endrocine glands, as well as the entire body. If sugar, white flower and other artificial foods are a major part of the diet, you are not only lacking nutrients (vitamins, minerals and protein) but also fiber and bulk. We know that sugar also inhibits enzymes, and when enzymes are not working, undigested food putrefies in the small intestine. Inflammation sets in to protect the lining of the small intestine and colon from the undigested proteins. The mucus that forms due to inflammation makes it soon impossible for the nutrients to reach the bloodstream.

The average American consumes 150 grams of sucrose, plus other refined simple sugars each day, resulting in the fact that many have chronically depressed immune systems. It is clear that particularly during an infection, when sugars are ingested the infection fighting white blood vessels have an impaired ability to function.

Consider this….it has been reported that after for 6 hours after eating a chocolate bar, the immune system is 50% depressed.


Chiropractic & Your Immune System

It is vital to maintaining a strong and healthy immune system that the central nervous system is functioning at its optimal potential. It is the CNS that is directly responsible for the function of the immune system. If there is interference within the CNS then all other body systems are susceptible to lack of function, illness and disease. In chiropractic, the spine is adjusted to eliminate interference from the nerves that flow from the spinal cord. Once the spine is adjusted and the integrity of the nervous system is restored, then messages from the brain to the body can flow freely and the body is able to fight infection, heal and restore itself naturally, without the need for medications.

The body needs no help – just no interference!

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